The Streets of Sites Like MySpace

Social Media

Since everyone in the world is spending more and more time on the net social networks are what is needed, they are like neighborhoods on the net.

We all came from the Mayberry’s of this world, little local communities but that has changed as more people are spending their free time surfing the web. Companies, clubs, and religious organizations can now have a social networking site of their own where members can interact with each other.

Hopefully these new sites will have better management than sites like MySpace. MySpace is becoming a place where people try the hand at marketing, no longer are they doing bulk email but instead you will find profiles of a lot of scum on sites like MySpace, I’m surprised there are not drug pushers on the sites yet. Spend some time looking at the profiles and you will find escorts, models, strippers, hookers, pimps, and blatant spammers abound on the MySpace community sites.

With the development of these social networking sites there is even a greater need for human editors to oversee the content that is being uploaded every second of the day. The only marketing we should see is in the forum where people post a great comment and then have links in their signature so we can find out more of who they are.

It is great that a community user can upload pictures and music of who they are and what appeals to them but I guarantee that I could see a much better private dance video on MySpace than I would ever get at a top level strip club.

I wonder if any politicians are posting on the MySpace site? I am not advocating a Net Nazi group that closely monitors what is posted but some intervention needs to be applied. Maybe a voting system like on of those social bookmarking services where visitors can rate the profiles they find.

Sites like MySpace can be a perfect place for advertisers to target their work. Focus groups can be expensive but on a site like one of these it would be very inexpensive to set up a poll or a topic of the moment where people can vote on.