The Impact Of Social Media On Business

The Impact Of Social Media On Business


Social Media allows people to highlight and discuss issues and offer opinions on areas of interest or expertise. The idea of social media is not new, however from a business point of view social media is increasingly important.


Blogs are just one example of social media. These online discussion portals offer a fantastic opportunity for businesses to engage with their clients by inviting comment or discussing relevant issues or just highlighting some useful information that might be relevant for their customers and their market place.

Blogs are not a place for the hard sell; these online portals should be used to communicate with customers in a ‘social’ way that encourages interaction. Com.Motion have our own blog were we update our clients and any visitors on what is happening in the Internet marketing world.

Always remember, as a business, you are the expert and facilities like blogs offer a free and fantastic way for you to communicate and engage with clients on the topics of the day. Remember, if you offer something that is of value, the likelihood is that someone will tell someone else about you who just might be interested in your products or services.

Free Blog –

Other Social Medium Considerations

There are a number of fantastic website to look up and potentially contribute to. The idea is to create a profile on these websites that singles you out as an expert in your chosen field. Start contributing or highlighting useful websites that have value to you and others or give your opinions or thoughts on areas of interest.

Consider these Website Links Below:

o Digg

o Delicious

o Reddit

o Furl

Other social areas of interest to consider are:


o Video

o My space

o Online PR

Social Media is definitely here and it is something that should be considered for any online marketing strategy. As a race, we are a social bunch and love to converse and talk to each other – why should that be any different online.

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