SecuGen Hamster IV Fingerprint Reader

SecuGen Hamster IV Fingerprint Reader


Fingerprints are our built-in, unique and easily accessible identity cards. In recent years, the use of technology to utilize this property of our fingers has become common. These days, fingerprint scanners can be seen everywhere, from high-security buildings to laptops. SecuGen Hamster IV is one of the fingerprint reading devices on offer.

SecuGen boasts a versatile line of fingerprint readers. The Hamster IV is a PIV Single Finger Capture Device certified by the FBI.


The device utilizes SEIR (Surface Enhanced Irregular Reflection) Optic Technology, patented by the company. SEIR increases contrast between the finger’s valleys and ridges by stopping light to reflect from the valley areas and capturing nearly all the light scattered/reflected by the ridge areas. This increases the reading/identification speed and decreases the possibility of incorrect rejection as well as reading failure.


Auto-On™ is another feature of the Hamster IV. Using this feature with compatible software, eliminates the need for prompting the system to take a finger scan. Once a finger comes in contact with the sensor, the device will activate itself and scan.

Smart Capture™

Some types of fingers are considered more difficult to scan than others. These include, but are not limited to, fingers with scarred, aged or wet skin. The Smart Capture™ feature of the fingerprint scanner is designed to provide high quality scans of difficult fingers.

Other Features

– Supports the following standards: FIPS 201/PIV/NIST, SP 800-76/PIV/NIST.

– GSA FIPS 201 APL certified.

– The high performance optical sensor of the device is resistant to electrostatic shock, impact and scratches and does not require any maintenance.

– Comes with an application for capturing and saving fingerprint images in bmp format.

– A USB connection is available.

– The driver CD and a finger guide are provided with the device.

The SecuGen Hamster IV can be used with software provided by other companies. With SecuGen’s Software, users can get the following benefits: encryption of fingerprint templates, to eliminate the possibility of image reconstruction; latent print image deletion, to reject prints that are left behind; Fingerprint Reader Recognition; and Multi-Device Connection.


The Hamster IV captures 12.9 x 16.8 mm images with an image resolution of 500 dpi. The output capability is 8 bits/pixel, 256 grey-levels. The device takes one second to verify. Supported platforms include Windows 98 SE, Me, Vista, XP, 2000 and Server 2003.