Online Marketing And Web Page Copywriting

Online Marketing And Web Page Copywriting


How good are your online marketing and web page copywriting skills? Web page copywriting is something that you have to learn from scratch. This is not something that is as simple as writing a love letter. Online marketing and web page copywriting are skills that are mastered, and then applied to your business for maximum effectiveness. But the question is, how do you master these 2 topics?

When it comes to online marketing and web page copywriting, you need to understand that even if you’ve went to business school at college – you won’t gain the essential knowledge necessary to make a website profitable. Why is web page copywriting so important? It’s important because if you can’t write in a way that compels people to believe and trust in your product, you won’t get sales.

The sad part is that when it comes to the online marketing aspects of things, most people think it’s all about generating traffic and learning marketing strategies. But they NEVER realize the importance of knowing their numbers. They attend a seminar or purchase an online marketing course, and then go off and start creating products and running ads. But if you ask these people what their cost per lead and cost per sale are, they can’t tell you – and they can’t tell you why it’s so important that they need to know this information.

This is similar to the web page copywriting side of things. When most business owners get their website created, they typically outsource it to a web designer or third party agency – simply because they don’t have the technical knowledge to do it themselves. This is understandable. What isn’t understandable however, is the weak sales copy on the pages that are supposed to be used to persuade people to purchase products, or generate a lead inquiry.

Because of this, it’s crucial that you select a web designer or agency who has experience in writing effective sales copy. And it’s also imperative that your web designer or agency has experience in the field of online marketing also. Just because someone is good at designing a website doesn’t mean that they’re good at marketing a website. It took me 5 years to figure that out.

What you DON’T want to happen is having people coming to your website – and then getting bored from browsing through your pages, and then end up never coming back to your website again. This is detrimental to your business because everyday, you could be potentially missing out on customers and clients who could be worth thousands of dollars over the lifetime of doing business with you.

This is something that you can see directly yourself without any laborious research. Just look at your monthly traffic logs and your monthly income. So what are some things that you can do to improve your online marketing and web page copywriting? I’m going to give you some ideas of what to do so that you can gain leverage in your business and achieve the upper hand over your competitors. Here’s the first thing that you can do to improve your online marketing and web page copywriting efforts:

1) Identify the people who are most likely to buy from you

In the world of online marketing and web page copywriting, this tip is something that goes highly overlooked. You see, most people think that marketing consists of “getting exposure” and getting people to “remember your name”. Unfortunately, this only leads to incredible amounts of wasted advertising, and nobody caring about your message because it doesn’t pertain to them.

You have to advertise and communicate to people in a way that gets their attention, and gets them to take action. And the best way to do this is by structuring your ads ONLY for people who are perfect candidates for purchasing your products. So before you run your next ad, ask yourself, “Who are the group of people who are most likely to buy my products?” This question has profound implications, and is something that isn’t considered when we talk about web page copywriting.

Because along with targeting, when it comes to online marketing, you also have to be careful that you’re not selling to the masses. If you do pay per click advertising (PPC), and you sell a $100 ink and toner cartridge set, who do you think would be perfect candidates for this product? Now obviously the first idea that comes to mind are businesses. But what businesses exactly, and in what areas of the country – or the WORLD for that matter?

Not only that, what keywords do you select to target and purchase clicks for that resonates for people who are looking for what you have to sell? How do you write an ad that clearly communicates the benefits of your ink and toner cartridge set, and why these businesses should buy it? Also, what’s your plan for making a profit if you end up losing money on the first sale to every customer that you acquire? These are things that you have to think of before you invest a single dollar into advertising.

Here’s the second thing that you can do to improve your online marketing and web page copywriting efforts:

2) Invest in a swipe file

When it comes to writing effective web page sales copy, it’s best that you don’t start from scratch. It’s always best to have proven ads and content at your disposal that you can emulate (not plagiarize) so that writing the ad or product description for your website is easy. This is called a “swipe file”. There are tons of swipe files on the internet that you can purchase for a small amount that will benefit you greatly in this area.

If you do decide to hire a web designer to create your website for you, make sure you give them your swipe files as ideas for word usage in relation to your product details. If you don’t, they will more than likely use boring business jargon such as, “Number 1”, “Top Quality”, “We’re The Best”, “We Care”, and etc. None of this clearly communicates the benefits that your customer will receive from buying your products and services.

Take and study your swipe files and try to understand why the copywriter writes specific words at specific areas of the ad or sales letter that you’re looking at. This will give you a good idea of where insert similar words and call to actions in your own ads and sales letters. This is something that most people would say is unimportant, but these are typically the people who have no real experience with online marketing and web page copywriting, and more importantly… no real experience in making money with a website.