Indonesian HR Software

Indonesian HR Software


Indonesian HR Software is now something much needed in companies to manage the administration of their employees. As we know that employees are one of the important elements in advancing and developing the company. For this reason, everything related to employees is an important thing that must done properly.

This will also be directly related to the effectiveness and performance of the employees themselves. So how about good Indonesian HR software and its impact on the company? To answer this, we refer to the following discussion.

Get to know Indonesian HR Software and its Benefits for Companies

In simple terms, HR Indonesia software  software that is specifically design for businesses in terms of managing employee data and information. With this software the HRD section will be greatly assist in doing their work, especially managing human resources at the company. The systems and features in the software will help HR to do work quickly and efficiently.

Not only that, all the data needed will also be stor neatly, safely and easy to find. Benefits of Implementing Indonesian HR Software in Companies There are many benefits that software will provide for work efficiency within the company.

For more details, here are some of the benefits of implementing HR Indonesia software in companies:

1. Minimizing errors

The system in this software can process jobs automatically, here HR only needs to execute orders to execute a job. Later the system will execute the command, the system will work accurately so that errors such as human error can be minimiz.

2. Save or streamline time

As mentioned that this software will work automatically so it will save a lot of time. Sophisticated features in the software will make work complet faster, of course this will  very different from work done manually.

3. Easily accessible

With the development of technology, now a lot of software  online-based, including this software. Software that  already online-based will certainly make it easier to access, even accessible only via mobile phones. Here the HR section can perform data processing, monitoring to decision making that can  done as quickly as possible.

4. Accelerate employee development

If various matters regarding employees  handled properly, their quality and capabilities will also develop rapidly. With special software for HRD, it will ensure that this can run smoothly. The software will record all employee data, both ability, work performance and the training undertaken.

From here HRD can perform analysis to facilitate employee development planning. Not only that, various data related to promotions and employee careers will stored neatly. The HRD section will be able to control it so that the principle of fairness for employees to develop will be more guaranteed.

5. More secure

HR Indonesia software generally equipped with the latest technology so that data security guaranteed. With data stored in digital storage, it will certainly minimize damage such as loss or other types of damage when stored in document form.

6. Facilitate employee monitoring

By using special software for HRD, employee monitoring can  done at any time. HRD can find out quickly whether employees are present or not due to leave, illness or other permits. Vice versa, employees will also easily apply for leave or permission not to work. Not only that, information such as payslips, shifting schedules, etc. can also be access easily.

7. Ensure compliance

HR Indonesia software is not stagnant software, because this software can comply with applicable government regulations. By changing some of the settings, the software complies with applicable regulations, this is also a form of company compliance with the government.

8. Reduce paper use

The use of software will also automatically reduce paper usage within the company. All forms of archiving will  stored in the software database so that it can  said to be more environmentally friendly.

Key Features in Indonesian HR Software

Although in practice each company certainly has its own needs so that Indonesia’s HR software might be different between companies. However, there are several main features that must be present in the software, such as:

1. Apply for leave online

The online leave application feature is one of the main features that must be present in the software. The HRD section has duties and responsibilities in calculating the remaining leave up to each employee’s leave policy. With the leave feature, it will make it easier for HRD to manage employee leave and apply for leave by the employee himself.

2. Online attendance

Special software for HRD  also required to provide special features for online employee attendance. Because attendance is also one of HRD’s jobs, even now attendance can also done via fingerprint scanning to facial recognition in the software. The absences made by these employees will later stored directly in the software database. This will make it easier for HRD to monitor employee attendance while minimizing manipulation of employee attendance data which can  done in manual or conventional attendance.

3. Reimbursement claims

The next feature in the HR Indonesia software is reimbursement claims which will make it easier for employees to submit claims to the company. So that now employees can submit claims online through software only. Submission of claims can done quickly so that the company only needs to process the claim later. Filing an effective and efficient claim will certainly save a lot of time and effort. In addition, submissions will also  recorded properly so as to minimize errors that may occur. Therefore, make sure the software you choose has this feature.

4. Employment BPJS features and tax calculations

BPJS Health and taxes are one of the obligations that must be borne by the company, and it would be better if the software also has features that make it easy to pay for these two things. This feature will make it easier to calculate BPJS contributions and taxes for each employee and then generalize them. Not only that, the feature will also make it easier to pay so that it will greatly save time in this work.

5. Payroll integration

HR Indonesia software  also required to have features to integrate with payroll or employee payroll. Because one of the main payroll components is also related to attendance, leave, overtime to employee performance and achievements. This feature will also calculate the deductions on employee payroll, so that with this feature it will be easier for HRD to work on payroll or employee payroll.

6. Petty cash feature

Another feature needed in the software is the petty cash feature, generally also needed for various things. An example is to support the process of reimbursement claims and others, therefore this feature is also a mandatory feature that must exist. Petty cash management in general will also  integrated with a payment gateway system that facilitates the process of reimbursement claims. Here you will  processed faster where claims can  paid directly to the employee’s account directly.

7. Salary slips

One of the main features needed in HR Indonesia software is a payslip that can  accessed directly by employees. That way employees can find out details on their salaries in detail. This also helps the process of employee salary transparency so that they can find out what factors affect the amount of their salary.

8. HR report

In a company, each division  also required to make reports related to various types of work. In the software, all data needed by employees will  stored neatly and always updated when changes occur. In addition, the software can also process various data to become easy-to-understand reports. Not only that, all of the data also recorded and updated in real time so there is no need to doubt its validity. Even the HRD section can also retrieve this data at any time if needed for reporting purposes.

9. Employee database

The last feature that must be present in HR Indonesia software is a feature for a special employee database. With this employee database, of course, it will make it easier for the company in terms of administrative completeness. That way various data relating to each employee can  stored in full. Because this database feature will later integrated with all the features in the software. HRD will greatly assisted in carrying out and completing work assignments related to company employees.

Mekari Talenta’s Best Indonesian HR Software Recommendations

You can get all these advanced features and benefits when you use the best Indonesian HR software, Mekari Talenta. Talenta itself is an experienced and trusted application and software developer specifically for businesses. Talenta is a trusted business application and software developer with many clients. As an illustration, you can men

Mekari Talenta’s special HRD software will make salary calculations and employee data recapitulation automatic without the need to rely on Microsoft Excel anymore. This cloud-based software will make it easier for you to easily record employee data, payroll calculations and various other personnel work.

For your own safety, you don’t need to worry anymore, because apart from being trust and experienc, the Talenta software has used international standards in terms of security. So that all of your company data that is confidential will be guarante security both by outsiders and by the developers themselves.

Administrative processes such as applying for leave and overtime can  carried out systematically through software without the need for complicated bureaucracy. In addition to the reimbursement feature, it will also make it easier for employees to submit claims when using personal money when working from home or outside services.

Not only that, Indonesia Talenta’s HR software can also integrated with the payroll system. Here the software can calculate various salary components such as basic salary, allowances, incentives, deductions to taxes automatically. So you don’t have to bother anymore in calculating employee salaries.

Even so, Talenta software can also adapted to the real conditions that exist in your company. So that the software can be in accordance with the conditions of your company for the convenience of its users.