Have You Ever Crashed Your Computer

Have You Ever Crashed Your Computer?


If you have been using computers for almost any amount of time, you most likely have experienced a computer crash. Computer crashes can range from the benign little GPF (general protection fault) error that forces you to reboot your machine, to complete and utter hardware meltdown that cannot be recovered from at all. Crashes caused by electrical surges or water damage can render a machine unusable and its data unrecoverable. These are just a few of the reasons that computers crash with the potential loss of your important personal or company data.

Viruses and Internet worms are more than just nuisances that eat up your precious bandwidth and system resources. Some of the more insidious of these vermin can also deliver a dangerous digital payload that packs quite a destructive punch. Gigabytes of your data can be rendered unrecoverable in one swift execution of arbitrary malicious code. Months, even years of data can accumulate on modern large capacity hard drives, and without the help of an offsite backup service, your most critical information is in jeopardy every time you turn on your computer.

If you use an online data backup solution you can rest assured that no matter what happens to the computers in your network, your data is always backed up safely and securely with immediate access for those most critical of times and under the worst of circumstances.

No other method of data backup and retrieval is as thorough and easy to use as a well-equipped secure online backup service. Your files are backed up at intervals you decide, in subsets that you choose ahead of time. In the event of a computer crash that renders your documents inaccessible, you can log onto the backup service and restore your entire dataset, or just the documents you need to keep you up and running, even if your computer has crashed. When you use your online backup service to archive your computer’s system files it can even play a role in diagnosing or repairing your expensive computer hardware.

For minimal cost to you, you can set up a secure data backup solution that ensures the integrity of your most critical files, and helps keep your business or personal files safe and secure.