FADEL Announces Brand Vision to Help Marketers


The powerful integrated cloud platform from FADEL provides operational controls to manage brand asset usage, rights, compliance and quality

FADEL, leading provider of Digital Rights Management (DRM) software for marketers, announced the launch of Brand Vision, a unified platform for ensuring brand compliance by managing and monitoring marketing content and its license terms across the entire content lifecycle from pre-production to post-distribution.

Digital media, including photos, illustrations, video, music, and more, is central to every brand’s marketing strategy, and continues to grow exponentially. This growth is not limited to increasing content volumes; we also see a higher demand for content types such as video, new innovative content sources, and a growing number of content marketing channels. This explosive growth, as well as the brands’ trending desire to create inhouse agencies, has led to the need for more operational systems to manage and track brand assets and gain visibility into their usage rights.

“Digital Brand Compliance is a dynamic new strategic need for enterprise content strategies. We see brands of all sizes struggling to orchestrate the complexities of digital media usage, rights, compliance, and quality across an increasingly fragmented set of channels,” said Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute. “FADEL exemplifies a much more elegant approach to solving this challenge. They help these companies not only harness the complex rights and restrictions for assets, elements, and talent but also provide the actionable insight that helps marketing organizations manage these challenges in a much more holistic manner.”

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With Brand Vision, brand managers and content marketers can keep an eye on content quality and brand representation using the combination of content services, DRM, and AI. The solution includes the following key capabilities:

  • Content Services – Centralize, manage and enrich brand assets making them easily searchable and shareable across all stakeholders
  • Digital Rights Management – Manage content and talent license agreements and gain immediate visibility into asset usage rights
  • AI-Powered Content Tracker – Find brand assets, logos, and marketing content live across the web and social media channels and report on violations and expirations
  • Brand Monitor & Picture Hub – Instantly find and source live, up-to-the-minute content with your brand, products, and brand ambassadors

“Over the years, FADEL has worked with some of the world’s leading brands and marketers, helping them stay compliant with their content and talent license usage terms, thereby significantly reducing their copyright compliance risk for their marketing content,” said Tarek Fadel, Founder, and CEO of FADEL. “Today, we are excited to bring to market Brand Vision, a unique end-to-end cloud platform that adds and integrates sophisticated content services and AI visual search and image matching capabilities to our existing Digital Rights Management and content tracking capabilities. This one-of-a-kind cloud solution is tailored to Brand Managers who not only want to manage their marketing content, but also protect and monitor their Brand Compliance.”

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