BlogTV for Passion Blogger’s

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BlogTV had been launched with its beta webcam broadcasting services. BlogTV aims for video blogging and interactive pastime. Blog TV allows 125 minutes of video each with a frame of 5. Your videos will be shown in a form of chat rooms and plays your video at the top and allows viewer to comments during the clip is played. This allows host to chat with viewers online for immediate feedbacks. With BlogTv you may also records live broadcast and readily share the clips with others. The saved clips are embedded and ready for embedded to your favorite blogs.

BlogTV’s setup is easy and simple enough. There’s no easy way to see your options for live broadcast collaboration, which may be confusing for users that know the option is possible, but don’t know how to utilize it. Otherwise, BlogTV continues to evolve video-hosting services that are moving towards a more inclusive and feature-rich offering. BlogTv has many feature to offer and yet blogging on with your selection of blog via a chat is essential, More and more blogger are changing their way of blogging and the future for blog is more to video rather than text and html. The site very unique and even when you’re at the main page you may see a lot of video frame that show recent video casting. It’s simple yet very eye popping for those are really onto video blogging.